Posr Graduare Diploma in Computer Application (PGDCA)


Computer Application course intends to equip the pursuing candidates with knowledge in field of Software Development and make them eligible for job in respective sector. Designed course will not only provide theoretical knowledge but practical exposure and assessment through term end Assignments and Projects

Duration – 12 months CE99

Semester – I (6 months)

Semester – II (6 months)

Student enrollment twice a year – 1st Season in January and 2nd Season in July

Eligibility –

Regular semester entry – (January and July)

  • Bachelor/ Degree passed in any field, or 3 years Technical Diploma approved by AICTE.

Lateral entry – (April month of January Session and September month of July session)

  • Bachelor/ Degree passed in any field or 3 years Technical Diploma approved by AICTE, with passed out certificate of Drishtee-CEEP in Diploma in Computer Application (DCA)


Exams will be held twice the year in Month of –

July and January – Between 10th to 20th of month.

*Examination session for lateral entries will remain same as per there session enrolment

Each candidate will be eligible for exam on completion of each semester.

Assignments and Project has to be submitted pre hand before passwords are generated

Password will be assigned only once per session and will be conducted online at supervised centre’s of Drishtee.

If any student misses out the examination in assigned scheduled, S/he will be charged penalty of Rs.350 and will attempt for exam in next session exam schedule.


Semester I

Computer Fundamentals and Applications – 3 Months

Introduction to Computers – Computer Organization, Operating System, Ms-Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), IT Applications

Programming and Data Structure– 1 Month

Programming Concept, Introduction to C Programming, Concept of Data Structure, Query, Linked list, TREES, Algorithm, Sorting and Graphs

Introduction to RDBMS – 2 Months

Database Concepts (DBMS and RDBMS), Overview of SQL Server, Working with SQL 2008, Understanding Transactions, Locking and Error handling, Indexing, Partitioning and Resource Governance


Semester II

Computer Network – 0.5 Month

Networking Transmission Technology, Overview of TCP/IP, Network Security

Internet Concept and Web Designing – 1 Month

Introduction to Internet, Internet technology and Protocol, World Wide Web, Browsers, E-mail File Transfer Protocol, Web Publishing, HTML, Multimedia and Graphics, Internet management security concepts

System Analysis and Design – 0.5 Month

System Concepts, System development life cycle, System planning, Cost benefit analysis, Tools of Structured analysis, I/O and Form design, Management and Documentation standards, System testing and Quality and Security

Programming (Selective Any One ) – 3 Month


Overview of ASP.NET Framework, controls and Applications, State management, Database accessing on web applications, web services


Overview of Java, Operators, Inheritance, Arrays, Threads, Local and Remote Applets Vs applications

OOP and C++

Overview of C++, Classes and Objects, Array, Constructor and De-constructor, Function and Operator, Overloading, Inheritance, Virtual Function and Polymorphism, C++ I/O system Basics

Project – 1 Month


*Candidate scoring above 70% grades in Ist Semester will be provided opportunity to attempt 1 month training internship in Drishtee.

Scope: Prospective career beginning in IT profession as the Software developer, or to be engaged in Computer teaching profession.


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