Drishtee is a social enterprise focused exclusively on rural India. But while that puts us in a decidedly exclusive category, it doesn’t begin to tell the complete story of who Drishtee is and what makes us special.That’s because Drishtee is as much about character as capabilities. The philosophy that inspired ourcreation and continues to inform our every move is what enables us to develop truly innovative solutions.Like most great ideas, Drishtee was born from the passionate belief in professional solutions. The founders understood all too well the shortcomings of existing solutions to reach the people at the base of the pyramid and the difficulties and frustrations they inspired. Rather than to accept these challenges, they developed a better way to reach the people at the helm of exclusion.

Over the years, Drishtee has facilitated and supported a network of over 14,000 rural enterprises to cater to the critical needs of base of the pyramid. Currently, Drishtee has strong presence in 3 states of India namely, Assam, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

Through this low cost, direct delivery rural supply chain network, Drishtee has created significant cost and time savings for villagers, and provided an effective channel for enterprises to sell products and services. This is a fastest growing such network and continuing at this pace, could well become the world’s largest rural distribution network.

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