Drishtee with its Education brand CEEP (Centre for Education and Entrepreneurship Program) is  being working in field of IT and Vocational Education since last 15yrs in rural and semi urban areas. With the successful implementation of Computer and English Speaking courses through the network of 2500+ franchisees present in 12 states of India, More than 65,000 students have successfully gained the computer skills for the future advance education and strengthening the Career prospects.

CEEP offers the cost effective low price IT education for its students with the variety of the courses from Certificate to Diploma and Advance Diploma level and Certifications for the duration in 3 months, 6 months and 12 months respectively. These offered courses are designed with the specific requirement in form of Basic education, Job oriented, Higher education related.

With the focused in the IT education Drishtee is also imparting the Computer Education at the School Level by its CEEP@School program. With this program we aim to educate the rural students for Computer education from early school age as in the Urban School. We deliver this program with very minimum chargeable fees as the extra curricular activity for School students.


Drishtee’s Education network is exclusively based on Franchisee model, where the franchisees are identified and selected from the community itself with standard qualifying norms based on there experience and qualification.

The Franchisees are the rural and semi-urban entrepreneurs, who address the need of IT education for the local aspirants, benefiting them from the services comparable to the urban areas. This mobilizes the student community to remain and grow in the local environment and seeking job opportunities close to their homes. Drishtee’s with its continuous learning efforts have being able to set up the programs rationally to benefits the students in there future Job and advance learning prospects.